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Divine Brown - the Hugh Grant hooker. I was sent to Los Angeles at a moment's notice when the story broke about Grant being picked up by LA cops. On the way I picked up a copy of the famous Versave 'safety pin' dress, career making for Elizabeth Hurley and which deputy picture editor Lynne Cullen had cleverly had copied at a moment's notice.

On arrival I made my way to Indian Wells where Divine was holed up in a very expensive hotel with my friend and colleague Stuart White. Divine was not the most co-operative of ladies but a few hundred thousand dollars, a bit of sweet talking and a reading the riot act helped things along.

Her 'boyfriend' as she called him was there, a big, tough looking black guy with gold medallions, the whole ghetto outfit. He made other guests at the expensive hotel a little nervous, to say the least. One, seeing him walking beside the pool, actually dropped his drink in to the water.

We were chatting to Divine's boy-friend in the hotel room when colleague Dave Schumaker put on a new Pink Floyd album 'Pulse' which he had just bought. The medallion man listened to it for a bit and then asked "is this what you white guys call rock music?" I had never before realised how far apart the races could be in America.

The job done and the pictures wired back to the office, I was off the hook. I drove back to LA where Stuart had, very kindly, booked me in to the Beverly Hills Hotel. I spent a happy day and evening beside the pool and in the bar, with the warm smell of colitas rising up through the air and wondering if, after I had checked out, I would ever be able to leave.