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Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer came into Holborn Studios at 2.30pm. I like to arrange it so that when someone arrives, the studio is all ready and set up to go with just minor tweaks to lighting and background to do, if necessary.

It saves the artist's time but also looks more professional. Vic and Bob's agent had told me that they preferred not to be made up so we would go with that.

We had a quick drink in the bar before starting and went into the studio at 2.45. All I needed to do was close-up headshots with expressions. These are two pros. I didn't have to ask for or direct anything. For about 10 minutes, they went through a series of poses, side by side, one above the other like this and variations on the theme.

I shot half a dozen rolls in that ten minute and....erm, that was it.. "What", said Bob, "that's enough?" "It's all I need", I replied.

They were delighted. So was I. They had an unexpected couple of hours to themselves. I had reckoned to be at Holborn Studios for the afternoon and I was.

In the bar, though