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This is the previous pic as it appeared in the paper.

Photographers are always complaining that their pictures are murdered in the paper or magazine. Cropped badly, too small - and especially, no bloody byline!

Picture editors in their turn think their photographers are a bunch of egotistical airheads and the subs think them illiterate. Not without some justification, in my experience. To the reporters, they are snappers or monkeys and they are always in the way. The speak at the wrong times and take over a whole interview session if given half the chance. There is some truth in this, too, mea culpa.

Once, on the News of the World, Mike Parker, one of their reporters at the time, was covering Fergie and Andrew's honeymoon on some remote island somewhere. The photographer with him fell and fractured his leg. NoW picture editor Frank Hart was surprised to receive a phone call from Parker. I quote, "Frank, can you send me another monkey? This one's broken."