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Skateboarding was becoming a big thing in the lateish 70s. A guy called Fred Newman called John Blake amd me. He wanted to give us a contract to provide the editorial for a skateboard magazine. For any freelancer, a contract is magic. Steady money! I'd covered a good few skateboard stories for the national papers, Sun, Mirror, Mail and Fred had seen my name there.

Fred knew how to run a tight ship and I think - hope, actually - he made a good bit of money with the mag. I got to be quite an expert on skateboarding photography. I never ventured on one myself. I'd seen too many kids with fractures and bruises. At 10 to 18 years old you mend a lot faster than you do in your 30s!

Fred was so pleased with the mag that after it was estabvlished for a bit, he took his key people out for a Christmas dinner. He hired a private dining room at the Grosvenor House and we had dinner with tailed waiters serving and the food all brought in on silver salvers. And some pretty fine wines too. I've never forgotten that and neither has my wife. Something the Grosvenor House did wonderfully well and that made you feel a million dollars. A thoroughly stylish and civilized way to say thank you.

Not forgotten, Fred!