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When I first joined the London Evening News I was so keen and happy to be in Fleet Street that I wanted to work day and night. This was very nice for me but less nice for my wife and young son. I see it now but I didn't then

One evening, as I was leaving for home, I saw a readers letter on the picture desk. It was from a family in Reigate. Their children had been going out to the woods and feeding a fox. The fox had become quite friendly and would play with the children. In those days, urban animals were much less common and to see a fox in town or to get near one at all was very unusual. It wasn't even common to see a fox in the country.

I drove down to Reigate and met up with the children, hid myself in some rhododendron bushes with a long lens and waited. After an hour or so the fox came out and tentatively appoached the youngsters. It seemed to trust them and provided me with this rather charming picture which the paper used over a half page.

Of course, I'd told my wife I'd be home at 5pm. I actually arrived home at 7pm. Only 2 hours late! - and the story of life as a news photographer. To succeed it has to be your life. Hugely rewarding and you will see history being made and have the most wonderful experiences. But not good for domestic life or a marriage.

It's a shame that the papers don't use these kind of human interest pix much today. I'm sure human beings haven't changed so much that they won't still go 'aaaah' over an adorable animal.