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This pic won me a couple of awards including this Martini one. The press pack had all gone to Klosters to get pix of Prince Charles and his two boys. It was bitter, icy cold, obviously, and my cameras didn't like it and kept seizing up. I was busily keeping one under my clothes and the other with a long lens attached, then swapping camera bodies when one became too cold.

As sods law would have it, I was just about to place one lucky camera in my armpit when Prince Harry was spotted approaching on a ski lift. He was dressed with a bandanna style scarf and large sunglasses. It looked to be a good picture. Unfortunately, as I tracked focus on my long lens as he approached and pressed the shutter release.....nothing happened.......aaargh! Panic. I just kept following focus and hitting the button, nothing, nix, dead...and then click! One frame and it stopped again. I was so p....d off! All that way, all that expense for one frame. Panic. I didn't call the office but went straight to my hotel room to process the film. One frame, one frame. I deved the film and fixed it. Heart pounding, unwilling to get put the loop to the one- ONE!- frame. It looked sharp...it looked quite good in fact. And this was it.

Such is a newsphotographers luck. Fom certain disaster, a triumph.