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This was the first time I'd met the McCartneys. A few years later I'd find myself spending quite a bit of time with them doing pictures for their band 'Wings'.

I was working a great deal with John Blake at that time, I think the original Fleet street pop columnist. It had only just occurrred to Fleet Street that pop music was big business and that rock 'n' roll was here to stay and John was the first to dive right in with his Ad Lib column, the forerunner of the Sun's Bizarre (which he also ran, later on). Later on he was editor of the People and highly popular with the staff. He now runs Blake Publishing.

Paul and Linda were pretty normal and accommodating people. No ex-Beatle could ever live that normal a life, of course, as John lennon's death later proved. But Paul didn't hide himslef away or have any airs and graces. Just a tiny hint of arrogance, maybe but really very unaffected by such a successful life.