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Keith Moon - what can anyone say that hasn't been said? He was Moon the Loon but he wasn't always crazy. When he hadn't been drinking he was perfectly normal and sensible. He was always a great drummer, great image, fantastic player. These pics were taken when The Who were starting a big rehearsal studio at Shepperton as far as I recall, with their own transport company and all. Keith was to do the photo-shoot and turned up on time, sober and professional.

A couple of Moon anecdotes. I once met him in the bar at The Huntsman after he'd been doing some band business in a Soho sound studio. He's been TT for 2 weeks and was very happy that he'd managed it. He was thoughtful and looking forward to some upcoming work. Then, after a few glasses of orange juice, his mood started to change a bit. I thought nothing of it but as I was leaving, a roadie came up to me, laughing. They'd been spiking Moonie's drink with vodka. He was boring when he was sober, they said. They thought it was really funny.

A more funny story. Brendan Monks, a Sunday People photographer went down to Oliver Reed's Dorking mansion to do some pix of Moon and Reed together. (Alarm bells ring here!) He rings the bell and the housekeeper comes to the door. "They're in the drawing room", she says, "but they've been drinking all night. It's not a pretty sight." Nothing unexpected, so far. He knocks and opens the door to the drawing room. Moon and Reed are sprawled on the floor in a pool of vomit. Moon and Reed drag themselves to their feet. Moon lurches over to Brendan with his hand oustretched to shake....and then retches violently, about to vomit all over Brendan....who back steps, out through the door and retreats rapidly as Moon and Reed follow him. They are both falling about laughing. The vomit is tinned vegetable soup.