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It's always going to be special to meet a Beatle. This was the first time George Harrison had appeared in public with his new beard and ethnic - Indian, not scouse - apparel. He was a gentle kind of person and on those occasion he was promoting a festival of Indian arts and music in london.

It's always fascinating to meet people like George but in the end, they are just people like the rest of us.

I'd never recommend meeting your heroes. They are much better kept at a distance so that their special status can be maintained in your mind. Of all the people I've met over the years I don't think anyone has impressed me as being in any way bigger than human. I've admired many people but sometimes the god like status that even minor 'celebs' (what a horrible word) are accorded these days appals me.

For example, I am a great admirer of Paul McCartney and working for him and Linda back in the 'Wings' days did nothing to allay that admiration. But in the end, he's a person, just like the rest of us. The difference is, he can write beautiful melodies and most of us can't.

Other than that, he's no better - nor worse - than we mortals