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A week after getting back from Northern Ireland, after having photographed the British troops flooding in to 'Derry, the Catholic Bogsiders rushing gleefully down to meet them, I was sent to the Isle of Wight to cover the pop festival in general but especially to take a poster pic of Bob Dylan to be given away with the paper.

Apart from seeing some of the best bands in the world - The Who, Family, Richie Havens, The Nice, Pentangle, King Crimson, The Bonzos it was a fabulous week of hard work and hard play. And for someone who lived and breathed music like me, heaven.

I learned a great lesson about press photography here, too, from my unofficial mentor, George Harris. I needed to get my car across to the Isle of Wight but the ferries, due to the festival, were totally booked weeks before. None the less, I was on the ferry shortly after arriving at Portsmouth. George taught me the magical way of bribing someone while never explicitly doing so. It has worked many times for me from Africa to Spain to the UK. Money talks, they say. And it does. But where bribery is concerned it works best talking quietly.