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This picture represents everything I liked about freelancing in the 70s and 80s. The guy concerned was (still is, I hope) a violin maker living near Hampton. I used to get all the local papers within a 50 mile radius sent to me on subscription and saw a paragraph about a local violin maker in the Hampton paper, with little quip about how annoyed his wife used to get when she couldn't hang out the washing on the line because his violins were taking it up. Ping! Picture!

So there we were on a Sunday morning and I made a pic of him hanging out the instruments. It was to naturally dry the varnish. It made a 'what's that about?' human interest picture that I still think people like to see.

When you see a dog looking out of a car, you notice that anything could be happening, a bank robbery, anything, but the dog will be looking at another dog. It's a dog and it's intrigued by what other dogs are doing. Ditto human interest pictures. We're people. We're interested in what other people do. Except that now, it seems that we are only interested in what 'celebs' do. Or are we? I find a bloke hanging violins out on his washing line interesting. Why would he do that? Do his neighbours think he's crazy?

But human interest pix, like cute animal pictures are mostly dead now. Ordinary people enjoy them but they just ain't 'kewell' for the urban media elite who call the shots in the national press. The prid quo quo of this is that everyone wins. I make a a good weeks money from the Mail and then the magazines, then library sales. He gets national and international publicity that he could never afford to buy.

A win/ win situation if ever there was one.