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This is Diana Terry, a well known model in the 70s and a favourite of mine. Like all the best models, not only is she beautiful but she always turned up on time, looking good, and had a helpful and happy nature. Sometimes those attributes are just as important in a model as looks. You can spend a lot of time with these people, after all.

Over the years I did a lot of work with beautiful women, models and actresses. It was great fun sometimes. One of my other favourites was Jilly Johnson. I was photographing her once at Holborn Studios and she was hungry. So we went to a pub in Hatton Garden to grab a bite. As you walk into the pub with this beautiful male fantasy object, every male eye in the pub is riveted on her, wide with lust. You can see it on every face as you bring her her drink and sit down. They're thinking "what's he got that I haven't?" The answer is pretty straightforward. My office is paying her £150 an hour and theirs isn't.

I've always taken a pride in making women look their best, it's my hairdresser tendency, I suppose. One of my nicest mementoes is a portrait I di of Rita Marley, Bob Marley's wife. She sent a copy of my portrait back signed, with a scribble on the front saying "Thank you for making me look so beautiful." It's the sort of thing that can make the photographer's job so rewarding.