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The Reading Evening Post was a lively office in an active news area. it was my first taste of working to a 'deadline' and I loved it. The adrenaline of the work and the constant rush was intoxicating at times.

I don't have many pictures left from this era, the late 60s in Reading, just a few cuttings. The same thing applies to the London Evening News, the Mail, the Express, the Sun and all the magazines. Your day to day life is shotting pictures and there seems no reason to do anything more than just go from one assignment to another. Years later, older, it occurs to you 'hold on, that was history and I was there.' But at the time, it was just another job.

Thsi pic shows writer Dame Rebecca West. She was auctioning the contents of her home to move to London following the death of her husband in 1968 and plainly feeling down. It's often tempting to get people to pose, to direct them and I did this. But after I finished my pictures I usually kept one of my nice quiet rangefinder cameras at the ready. Dame Rebecca slumped in her chair among her belongings after the pictures.