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This was one of a series taken for a feature on 'desire'. The models are John Huntley and Gloria Rodriguez. I used John whenever I could because apart from being a great 'hunky' model, he was great to work with. He never seemed to turn up moody and always retained a sense of humour no matter how long and cold a shoot was. When you spend long periods of time with models, sometimes these things are as important as looks.

Like most photoraphers, I enjoy making black and white pictures. Lighting is such fun, for example. You can use simple lighting and get great effects. As in this picture, there is something about a grey background and black shadows that is exciting to the eye. This was lit with just one lamp and it really punches out that film noire style. I'd advise any photographer to study the lighting techniques of the Hollywood studio photographers from the 30s through the 50s. Such glamour.

On a shoot for Paul McCartney once, he hired Freddie Young to do the lighting on 50 models all on set at once. Young was a genius. Instead of lighting them all, he put one light on each of them individually. It was brilliant. I also remember on that shoot, how nervous Linda became when Paul came on set and all these beautiful young girls gathered around him. And when they followed him to the canteen, she's be there, sitting right next to him.

A little game McCartney liked to, play was when there was a call to the phone in the canteen (before the days of mobile phones, this), he would pick up the phone and answer it and have an amiable chat to the person on the other end and then hand over the phone to the person concerned. The caller, often the wife or grilfriend of one of the guys would ask who that 'nice bloke' was who'd answered the phone. "Oh, that was Paul McCartney", he'd say. She wouldn't believe it and then Paul would take the phone again and chat some more.