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This is Bob Hope looking like one of the Blues Brothers. He was at Ronnie Scott's for an American TV Show being shot in London. Things were so informal in those days, a PR would be there but as the photographer, you were expected to know what you wanted to do and organise it.Within reason the star would do whatever you wanted.

A great deal of my working life was with show business people. That and music was an area I enjoyed being around. I'd get to meet and photograph just about anyone who was anyone. Personal favourites were Rita Moreno, star of the film of West Side Story, she had so much energy it seemed to transmit itself to you as well. James Coburn was another favourite. And one of the most impressive people, Kirk Douglas. He just seemed so at ease with himself and people around him and that made him nice to be around. And he seemed without vanity too. That is rarer than you might think.

Among others, Keith Moon was a lovely man, though scary when he got drinking, especially with Oliver Reed.