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This is Bob Dylan live at Wembley. Playing a Strat and looking every inch a rock star, he was at the top of his form. This was before he started re-arranging (some say murdering) his back catalogue.

I wish I had better quality examples of my stuff. But as a busy working photographer, making prints for yourself took second place to getting to the next job. Or getting some sleep.

I was so busy around this time I bought myself a nice big motorcycle to get around London. Unfortunately, the four cylinder engine had a propensity to loosen the screws on my Nikkor lenses which would then fall apart as I put them on my camera. I never found a way round this apart from carrying the sensitive items, camera bodies and lenses, in a back pack.

Shaking the lenses to bits reminds me of when a friend, another photographer came round to my place in Putney once. We were playing some music through a large pair of Celestion speakers I had bought. He put the camera, his Leica M2 on one of the speakers. When he picked it up again, the viewfinder was black, impenetrable. It seems the high frequency vibration had (at very high volume) shattered the prisms and rangefinder mech of the M2. Beware!