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This is my most treasured personal snap - me with Spinal Tap. They had been begging me to join the band for ages and I did say i would consider it. Nigel was plainly jealous of my prowess on the guitar but I felt that once he'd got used to my playing he would be so awestruck and feel so unworthy that he would come on side.

It never came to that. Spinal Tap and I had irreconcilable musical differences and besides, the money was no good.

Well, maybe it's not strictly true about the invite to join the band but I did get to meet them when they came over to the UK on the promo tour for Tap 2. They were very funny in person but in character what was astonishing is that they are all American. Given what a dogs dinner most americans make of the limey accent it obviouly can't be easy for them. But Tap, well you'd swear they were English. T'ain't so, though.

It's not often that I'd ask for a pic with a star, it's just not done in the business. After all, they get that from fans, so they don't want it from people they are working with. But Spinal Tap, I couldn't help myself.

So here I am outside the Tower Hotel with them. I was working with journalist Mick Hamilton who was as big a fan as me, so he took my snap and I took his.

The thing I loved about the film was the seemingly unconscious humour that occurs. Meeting the more successful rockband in their hotel who inform them that "they'd loive to stop and chat but they have to go and wait for their limo to arrive." Or their limo driver spouting on about how wonderful Frank Sinatra was and Nigel without even a glance at him, closing the partition window. Great film and a great group of improv actors, too.
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