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Early morning in Africa, breakfast on the go. With Stuart White, we were chasing Pamela Bordes after her kiss and tell. I never got to see her but she was responsible for two very nice trips I took.

One was this one, to South Africa. The other was to Bali. I hope she is well. I'm happy never to have met her but if I ever were to meet her, I'd want to say thank you.

Incidentally, on the way out to Bali from london, the Garudda plane first class was full of journalists. The stewardesses were constantly on the go serving us drinks so we suggested they just replenish the drinks trolley from time to time. As we were supping champagne, chatting and partying 35,000 feet over the Pacific ocean, Express photographer Tom Smith remarked, tongue in cheek, that chasing Pam Bordes was "a dirty job but someone had to do it."

That Sunday, some literal minded sap on the Sunday Times had reported the partying on the plane and that the journalists on board were aware it was a dirty job but felt that someone had to do it. Interviewees are always complaining that they were quoted out of context. See, it happens to journalists too!

Very early one morning, one of the rangers of the Londolozi Game Park took me out on my own. He was a tribesman from the area and showed me how people lived. "You make a toothbrush from this bark..you use these leaves for toilet paper, very soft.." I listened spellbound as this man catalogued the things the people made locally that covered all their needs. And quietly leading me around, he could show you where the animals were resting, the rhinoceri bathing.

Pamela, if you do ever read this, sincerely, again, thank you.
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