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This is what I call cold. It's up inside the Arctic Circle in Finland. I'm riding a snowcat along a frozen river. Great fun.

You certainly need lights on these things in these latitudes, the sun just about hauling itself above the horizon halfway through the morning and dropping below it again in the early afternoon. I was there to photograph a star of East Enders with her son at the Santa Claus village in the Lapland province of Finland.

Her son didn't seem particularly happy to be there and spent most of his time crying and saying 'I don't wanna' to every suggestion made to him for his enjoyment. This trip served to reinforce my belief that shozbiz photography would be nice if you could get shot of the 'stars'. This particular East Enders star complained about the hotel - 'can't we find something better?' and the food, She was in the best hotel in what is, after all, a small town in Lapland in the middle of winter. The food was not quite the same as in England but for me that is understandable since you are not in England but 2000 miles away in BLOODY LAPLAND!

I had a good time, anyway, apart from the work, driving a rheindeer sleigh and enjoying the lake and river scenery.
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