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This is me with two cops in Manila. These guys sold us their police badges - Stuart and I bought one each - and I still have mine.

I would have bought the gun but it might have posed problems at customs. While we were in manila, there was an erathquake. Not a serious one but unnerving anyway. I was in my room when it jolted. I was on a high floor in the hotel and the curtains were rocking from side to side and glass fell from the table and smashed. It felt as if some giant had kicked the building, a big thump and then it was over. The locals are used to it and seemed to raise no concern from them at all but it felt pretty insecure to me.

One entertaining thing was going out for a pizza in the vening. A gur with a pump action shotgun guarded the door. A bouncer is one thing but that is another!
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