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I saw this pair of lion cubs during an a ssignment on a game reserve in South Africa

During this trip, we went out in the night and watched a pride of lions. We came within about 5 metres of them in the Land Rover but the game warden told us not to worry as they were used to the sight of the vehicles. He had a gun across his lap, though, as a precaution. I wasn't in the least concerned but Stuart seemed a little uneasy.

When we got back to the lodge, there was a moth flying around in my room. I can't stand them in the room with me and wimped out, asking Stuart of he could catch it and put it outside. Which he did.

What he couldn't fathom was how I was perfectly happy within a few metres of potentially lethal wild animals - but didn't want a moth anywhere near me. I can't say I understand that either.
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