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This is in an air raid shelter in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War.. There was great concern that Saddam Hussein would attack with poison gas, hence the mask.

I only went in this shelter once. Being in there with religious Jews rocking back and forth and reading from the Talmud was more unnerving than taking your chances outside. I also hated the waiting, not knowing what was going on in the outside world.

He never used gas or biological weaponsi n the end (I believe the Israelis had convinced him that they would nuke him if he did). We had some interesting times with the Israelis, out on patrol with their northern border patrols, in the desert on tank exercises, that sort of thing.

Very disturbing was going into the Gaza Strip. The poverty, lack of hope or future was evident even then.

I little example of Jewish humour while Iwas there. One of the photographers, a lovely man called Frank Baron wanted to buy some jewellery for his lady to try to make up for being away so long.. I went to the jewleers in the Hilton Hotel with him. He was there the whole afternoon, looking at tray after tray of rings and gold things. The assistant in the shop, a middle aged rather glam blonde was getting more and more frustrated with Frank. Eventually she said, "look, it's six o' clcok. Can you make up your mond, please, I have to close now". Frank shook his head -" no, what I'll do is, I'll come back tomorrow."

She looked dumbfounded, in despair. "Tomorrow? You'll come back tomorrow? Tomorrow you'll be more clever?"
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