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Stuart white and I had been to South Africa to see the Harkness family who were in the news at the time for their dalliances with Alan Clark.

We found time to drive down to The Cape of Good Hope, so here I am.

One funny thing was a baboon which jumped up on the bonnet of our car as we drove away. It was hanging on to the windscreen wiper and wouldn't let go. Until we'd gone about a half mile, whereupon it showed signs of wanting to disembark. I stopped and the baboon, without so much as a nod of thanks, jumped off the car to a waiting group of his kind. I had just been used as a taxi driver by a b****y baboon.

That reminds me of my favourite Tommy Cooper joke. He's playing a variety theatre in the north of England and when he arrives, someone shows him to his dressing room. To his surprise, there is a monkey in there, dresed in a funny hat and dungarees. He's just put his bags down when there's a knock on the door and the theatre manager puts his head round the door. "sorry about having to share", he says. "That's all right", replies Cooper.

"I wasn't talking to you", says the manager.
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