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This was at Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire where I went to shoot a feature on the go-karters there. They let me drive one after I'd finished taking pictures and what fun it was. The things had quite powerful Yamaha bike engines in them and went like the clappers.

I'm actually going quite slowly here but the driver behind me is purposely overcooking the throttle to step the rear wheels out and make it look like a race.

The reality was, he could do two laps in the time it took me to do one.

Later on in the 80s, I used to do some publicity photography for BMW motor-cycles. We were at Goodwood for a press day and I had invited an actor I knew, Chris Cazenove, down to sample some of the bikes thus help me get some pics in the papers. Both Chris and I were experienced motor-cyclists and we were hammering round the course at one point, side by side in a bend on a couple of sports Beamers.

As we raced, a large touring Beamer complete with panniers and full fairing and ride sitting bolt upright swept past us in stately fashion round the outside, making us look as if we were standing still. It was one of their works development riders called Mike.

I had up until that time thought I was quite a quick rider.
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