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I wish I didn't look like I was smiling here, because I am not.

I was covering a demo in Whitehall. Fully accredited and experienced, I know how to do my job without impeding the cops in any way. I was walking down the road on the side, talking to some other photographers when I saw a cop across the road looking very, very angry. I didn't know why, or care and carried on chatting to the other guys

Suddenly, the cop appeared to be running towards me, got hold of me and started to throw a punch at me. I avoided it and he pushed me, as the pic is showing, I assumed to give me a kicking on the ground.

Luckily. Mike Maloney behaved in true news photography mode and instead of helping me, saw a photo opportunity. He took this picture and then as he moved around to get a better position and pictures, the cop saw him, dropped me like a hot potato and melted back into the bunch of police.

I have not a clue why he went for me but I have seen it before in police. Something seems to build in their minds and all this anger comes out focused on some unfortunate individual who has done nothing to warrant it.

It's a release of some sort for them. I have very respect for the police and the difficult job they do but when you are on the receiving end of something like this it does make you wary of them.

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