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This was taken on one of my first proper foreign jobs. The Reading Evening Post decided it would like a Christmas feature from the land of Father Christmas. Reporter Lee Wilson and I travelled to Oslo and from thence to Lillehammer. This is in the mountains in that region.

This was my first real taste of foreign travel as a photographer and I loved it. One my strongest memories is of the 200km or so cab ride from Oslo to Lillehammer and the skill of the driver in negotiating the snow covered mountain roads in a series of slides and drifts. Cars coming the other way would be doing the same thing but such was their familiarity with the conditions that a drive that would have you clinging white knuckled to the seat in the UK seemed perfectly safe here.

The trip on Scandinavian Airlines, the embassy reception we went to in Oslo where we dropped some cigarette ash on the carpet - a traditional gesture because the carpet had been put in by Quisling - the expensive restaurants, the free drinks, oh, what a buzz, what fun! They called this work? In that case, who would not prefer to be at work than on a day off?

But as I later came to know, foreign business travel comes to be less than a blessing when you've been most places and one place starts to look much like another. If that sounds blase, well it is but it's also true.
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