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I've always been nuts about cats. I have no idea why. Something about their unfathomable nature, their unwillingness to belong to anyone. But above all, their beauty. Their poise. And, balancing all this, their at times pathetic dumbness. Shine alight on a wall and move it about, yer mog has no choice but to chase it. I don't think I could love cats so much if they were as clver as they think they are. Anyone who has watched one lose its footing on a fence and fall off will have noticed that they have the good grace to look embarrassed. Maybe there's even a blush underneath all that furry face.

This sleek creature was sitting in the shade of a motorcycle in Eastbourne's Sovereign Harbour. It kept turning its back on me but I wouldn't go away and eventually, in its cat wisdom, it decided I was more trouble to avoid than I was worth, so it ignored me. Pragmatic, you see, almost French in its manner.

Incidentally, look at the technical quality of these digital sensors. A black cat sitting in shadow against a brick wall in full sunshine. Yet the wall is perfectly exposed, as is the cat..

Try that with yer Kodachrome, sunshine.